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Lift is a narrative VR game where the player takes on the role of an elevator operator in an hotel beyond it's prime,  in the final 5 days of the hotel's existence. Using gestures, the player can interact with visitors of the hotel, and the conversations that occur take the player on a different journey every time.

Join us at the Westwind hotel!


LiftVR.zip 284 MB
Demo_6.9.zip 247 MB

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Hi -- tried to play this on the Rift, and it started me below the elevator, clipping through the floor :/ when I stood up I could just see the logo and environment.  Ideas?  This looks good!

Hi, thanks for trying to play! It works on oculus, I believe you have to launch it through steamVR rather than oculus home.

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Lift is really good, although it needs quite alot of room to play (edit: just read the description, and if you were on vive you probably would have the required room). Wish you could do everything like, sit down or if they added some locomotion (moving around in-game but not IRL). I also struggled to get a hang of the gestures and with me performing them all correct sometimes it would misread it and I would have to perform that gesture again and then sometimes it would timeout outright and I couden't get my point across.


Hi RekoRed, thanks so much for playing! We are currently working on an improved version of Lift, coming soon! Stay tuned.